Embark on an outsourcing journey that sees no bounds.

At StaffLink, we’re not just a BPO outsourcing company – we’re architects of efficiency, champions of innovation, and partners in your success. Our remote team of experts is committed to seamlessly merging BPO experience with enthusiasm for scaling your business.

From accounting to IT, project management to customer service, we deliver tailored solutions that empower your growth and streamline operations.

Why Choose the Philippines?

Embark on a journey with StaffLink, strategically headquartered in the Philippines – the global epitome of outsourcing excellence. Our choice is underpinned by the country’s distinguished position as the world’s leading outsourcing destination.

The rationale is simple yet profound: the workforce in the Philippines possesses a mastery of the English language, nurtured through a penchant for foreign media consumption, rendering them culturally versatile and attuned to your needs. Backed by a robust educational system, the Philippines continuously churns out dynamic, tech-savvy, and highly educated remote teams.

  • Proficient in English Communication
  • Highly Educated Team
  • Youthful and Skilled Professionals
  • Tech Savvy

Meet Our Team

With a team of 40+ dedicated colleagues, your success is our ultimate goal. Our commitment is to match your specific outsourcing needs with the right talents, ensuring a seamless integration of skills, expertise, and dedication. Whether it’s legal support, marketing, IT, or any other specialization, we will find the right professionals with the precise expertise you require.

StaffLink remote staff can assist you with:

Our Services
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data Entry
  • Programming
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service
  • Back Office Tasks
  • Telephone Service Support
  • HR
  • …and more.

Our staff are trained in a variety of project management software to support your business, including:


Our specialized team possesses an in-depth understanding of Cargowise, encompassing all modules for seamless operations. Should your company require adept professionals well-versed in leading logistics software, our dedicated HR team is here to source talent from the logistics/forwarding market. We don’t just stop at recruitment – we assist in configuring your dream team, setting you up for continued success.

Niche Recruitment

Our skilled professionals harness Logitude’s power to streamline your daily interactions with clients, partners, agents, and carriers. No more tedious tracking, endless paperwork, or chasing invoices. With Logitude, your logistics management becomes a breeze. Effortlessly navigate your way to efficient operations and collaborate with a remote team where excellence is the norm.